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Stain and Odour Treatment

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Are stubborn stains and unpleasant odours ruining the beauty of your carpets and rugs?
Don’t wait any longer, call us to enjoy the benefits of clean, fresh carpets and rugs in your home or office.

With over 10 years of experience, we specialise in removing stubborn stains and unpleasant odour from carpets and rugs.
That’s why we go above and beyond to provide prompt and effective treatments that restore the freshness and cleanliness of your carpets and rugs.
From coffee and wine to urine and water stains, we have the expertise to effectively tackle them all. Our advanced cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products ensure a safe and fresh result for your home and the environment.

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The price for stain treatment or cleaning services can vary depending on factors such as the size of the stain, the type of stain, the material being cleaned, and the level of difficulty involved in removing the stain.


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